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Storing RIB

I think my boat will be mothballed for the forseeable future. Is there anything I really, really need to avoid? Its been left outside on the beach in full sun for about 20 years and seems OK, but (for example) should the tubes be fully inflated, partially inflated or deflated?

Its in the shade
Engine flushed through
Fuel emptied out of engine after fogging-oil used.
Fuel line emptied
Trailer tyre pressures inflated
Trailer greased
Steering arm greased
Bung out!
Battery fully charged (its back in the boat)

Anything else?


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I'd be putting the trailer on blocks to protect the tyres, taking out the battery and putting some place warm. I'd be keeping the tubes 3/4 inflated. Too full and they will struggle if they get hope, empty and they may crease.


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Rats and mice eating the tubes. keep them inflated
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Fuel tank emptied?
Oil tank emptied?
I would remove battery from boat and either routinely charge it or give it up as a lost cause and buy a new one when you start using it again.

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