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Soft spots on floor...mechanic says fill hull with foam?

So my boats been at a mechanic for 6 weeks. I have 2/3 soft spots on the floor (tend to be where console and seats have been screwed in, around the tubes is solid). They aren't soft soft but there is some flex in them. Size wise 10cmX30cm and 40cmX40cm the largest.

So the saga begins with taking it to one mechanic who cut a hole with a grinder under the jockey seat. Stuck a plank of wood in, put some fiberglass over it and screwed the hole closed. In fairness it did stiffen up the larger of the soft spots.

Took the boat to a known reputable boat mechanic, who had it sit in his yard for 6 weeks (ill get to it next week kind of guy), then told me it needed a new floor (I said that's fine), 3 weeks later his fiberglass specialist said it would probably need new stringers too and it wouldn't be feasible in a 6k boat so nothing was done.

He told me to drill holes in it go to screw fix and fill it with expanding foam, said it will last a few years. Now I only want the boat to do me 2 seasons or so. I'm a fair weather boater . But I really don't like the sound of filling the hull with foam surely it would be heavy?.

Do I have any options or just wait and see how it holds out? Injectable epoxy etc a waste of time? I'm at abit of a loose end and very disappointed my first boat has went this way after 3 months. (In fairness its my fault for buying the first boat I went to see but I'm still relatively young and excitable).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. My girlfriend says if I keep moping around thinking about this boat shes moving out haha

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Originally Posted by Smagu View Post
...My girlfriend says if I keep moping around thinking about this boat shes moving out haha
Every cloud....

Obviously I don't really know what the arrangement is but you could put a 'doubler' on top of the deck. It's a bit of a sticking plaster but it would give you a bit more time with the boat before having to embark on major surgery / getting rid of it.

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What boat is it? I definitely wouldnt fill with foam depending on the layout fitting a floor isnt a ridiculously expensive job. Where in Scotland are you situated?
Maybe post some pictures of the issue
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Sorry to hear your news. The first thing is to find someone reputable to give you a proper assessment - and that's where forum members here have a wealth of knowledge having completed extensive rebuilds. A soft floor doesn't have to be terminal, but if the stringers are goosed, then that's potentially a different story, as will all come down to economics, and whether you can do the work yourself. Waiting 6 weeks isn't ideal, but they go where the work is right now.

Get some pictures up.

Regards your girlfriend - listen my wife won't step foot on my current boat after I bought the RIBcraft, and that was 10 years ago! It's only money!
Is that with or without VAT?
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