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Hi All,

As those of you along the south coast of the uk will be aware, there was a bit of a blow yesterday (Tuesday).

I took my rib (ribcraft 5.85 90hp mariner 4) from Portsmouth to Chi, which meant going into what was apparently (met office) a F7-8 for an hour and a half.

On the whole the trip was ok but I did get a couple of frights.
Twice I was knocked over on my side, it's hard to guage, but I'm sure it was *well* past 45 deg.

Coming over the spit at Chi (my reasons for being there are another story), I was caught beam-on by a *large* breaking wave: the boat was physically lifted up and surfed side-ways for what *seemed* like about 30 metres before slewing round to surf down the front of the wave. I had no control over any of this and it seemed to be a function of hull form and wave characteristics

I'm very new to ribbing (I'm really a sailor).


Those of you who have done anything like this...

How much can such a rib take? How much is it wise to push it?

Anyone know of any good books on ribbing?



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Most of the "Old Ribbers" cut their teeth on Chi Bar. The secret is to keep the power on up the back of the wave and back off coming down while leaving enough power to blip the throtle at the last moment in order to lift the bow onto the back of the next wave. Chi Bar is renown for being very difficult at times but once you have mastered it you will be a better ribber for it. If you ever get the chance to speak to Tony Lee Elliot, aske him how far his Shed went over on a very large wave back in 1991 and how many people had to stop for a pee because they couldnt stop laughing!

Alan P

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I was out on Tuesday travelling from Poole to Lymington, and back, for an engine service and had some fun on the headlands.

The thing is your still hear and probably a little wiser and can look back on it and laugh. I'm not the most experienced RIBster in the world but every trip is a learning exercise and there are never two trips the same.

Look forward to seeing you out there sometime


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