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Country: Australia
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Length: 4m +
Engine: Outboard,2-stroke,40
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Runners/framework removable seating.

I've thrown a few terms into the search function, and not found a great deal, so I guess I'll ask and see what help the forum members can provide.

I've got a small aluminium RIB (4.3m), a recent upgrade from a 4.3m SIB.
Usually, it gets used for relatively short distances (10km either way), in relatively calm seas, for 4-5 people, and doing that, there's no issues with sitting on the tubes for the run, or throwing some foam cushions in the bottom and sitting inside.

However, I'd like to start making a few more serious runs, longer in distance, and with the potential for more serious conditions. There's a seat for the skipper (tiller steer), and there needs to be some sort of accomodation for 1-2 passengers, rather then the 4-5.

Got sent away for work, and in the course of that, got exposed to jockey seats - they're fantastic for the sort of run I'd like to make. And the workboat has them sorted so that they slot into recesses at the back, and have some spring loaded retention bolts at the front - the whole setup's fantastically sturdy.

The trade off is that it's a well and truely overbuilt plate boat, and the deck can accept those fittings. I don't think my little one would.

My thought turned to installing a sort of frame/runners, two lengths of tube running parallel along the deck. This would give me a strong attachment point, distributing the load along the entire deck, and remain unobtrusive, tucked right against the sides. Probably stainless, or thickwalled aluminium tube.

The mate I've been discussing this with floated the idea of incorporating it as the base of an a-frame, again, as part of the load distribution, but that's not really a concern of mine.

As it stands, is there a particular reason it wouldn't work? Am I massively overthinking this, and missing a very simple way to make removable seating?

Appreciate any help, or insight.
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