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RIB or Sportsboat 2

Hello, we seem to have moved well off the point and I think that we still have to answer your question!

nb. Those of you with your strong opinions, not directly related to the question, may wish to take your conversation to another thread. ie lets answer the question!

Firstly, I'm biased towards RIBs, but not exclusive.
Second, there is no good or bad choice between these.

Yes you do have to decide where and when to use the boat, not an easy thing to pin down, but roughly.
Then how big, tow behind the car or in a marina etc.

In simple terms as I see it, it comes down to the weather you want to venture into, ie do you need the capability of a RIb.

If you are looking for a bit of fun on warm sunny days for a coastal drive a few miles to a bay and soak up the sun then either works, but the white plastic tends to be the popular choice as Ribs are not as cool in appearance.

Thats not to say Ribs cant be cool nowdays (and I like orange work ribs!) because they can do everything a white plastic boat can and (heres the best bit) take on some more serious weather and sea conditions.

The difference is that a RIB is likely to have a higher survivability / be safer in the poor weather. This is down to drive skill as well, but I assume you want to drive cautiously.

Cuddies are useful but seasickness can come quickly if the boat is rocking. It depends on the boat and the person as to whether you want to be in the cabin at speed, generally not a great idea in a small boat.

There are good and bad makes / models. Give us an idea of what models you are considering, there is no right or wrong, its all grey depending on your situation. Hopefully you will recieve some +ve feedback on this site.

If you go for the white plastic option or the rib, you can always sell it at a later date.

What I will say to end though is get yourself (and other people on your boat) on a course to show you how to run the boat and have confidence in going boating. Perhaps going on a course first will assist depending on the boats you use durring the time.
Then show other people on your boat without a qualification the basics of boat control and use of lifejackets.

Don't foget the killcord!

Have lots of fun !!!!!


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Cheers Tiger - back on course I hope.

Your comments are helpful. I plan to take a course as you suggest. I am really torn as a RIb is appealing and if the family do not take to the water then buying a sports boat would probaly be a wrong decision.

My big fear is buying a boat and not getting any use of it but I suppose until I try itr I will not know.



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Suggest you do a RYA Level 2 course and become familiar with the boats and then perhaps hire a RIB for the day to take friends / the family out.

Certainly there are ex camel trophy boats with 130hp Hondas that are safe and not to fast (20-30 knots), in Portsmouth. (don't be put off by the iron work). Perhaps an smaller craft with less power.

I recomend not hiring something with a 200hp+ on the back, you want to get a taste of the boating experience with your family, not scare them.

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