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Rib on to trailer...

I was just curious to find out how most of us attach their rib to their trailers?
What attachment points on the rib do you use?
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Tie Downs

With the weight etc of RIBs today it is essential that you use 'hard' tie down points, it is no use going over the tubes with straps and expecting the boat to stay put for any length of time.
If you have them the ideal tie down points at the stern are 'U' bolt towing points on the transom, and at the bow the u bolt for the painter? A single strap at the front will suffice , to stop the boat riding up over the bow snubber, one or two straps at the stern can be used, but use good quality cam type tie down straps and do them up tight!!

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U-bolts underneath the hull

I have two 8mm stainless u-bolts mounted through the hull and onto the feet of the front a frame. I dremmeled out the u-bolt backing plate until the u-bolt would pull down real low onto the plate and then I seal welded the plate in place. There is about 10 mm max clearance between the plate and the u-bolt (just enough to thread the webbing through) so they barely stick out into the water and the drag is negligible. The A-frame is also really secure. I can ratchet down the hull onto the trailer as hard as I like and its never going to move. One rachet strap for the back, painter down to the drawbar, lightboard on and drive off. I never ceases to amaze me how long some people can take launching and recovering their boats (especially fair whether hardboaters).

Its also properly independant from the winch tie-down. Problem with lashing the boat down the transom and underneath to the trailer is that its really pushing the boat forward into the winch. If the winch slips, the transom tie downs will loosen unless the bow eye is hard up into the winch post.

Originally saw u-bolts like this on a big ribcraft up at Findhorn but his ones stuck right out (and were not part of the A-frame attachment). Mine are so discreet you cannot see what the webbing is tied to unless you run your hand up the webbing to see where it goes.

I will be doing this mod to the new boat.

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And don't do what I once did when towing the old RIB to West Coast of Ireland.

As well as using U bolts, bow and stern, I chucked a couple of ropes over the tubes, as much as anything the hold the cover down as boat makes a great luggage trailer. Stupidly I tied the ropes to the mudguard struts. Bouncy RIB = bouncy mudguards. Blowout on the M25 - put that down to bad luck. 2nd blow out on the M4 - realised my mistake! (other mistake was only carrying 1 spare tyre!).

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And don’t forget to use a ratchet strap running from the bow eye back to a point on the trailer to stop the RIB moving forward if you end up having to do an emergency stop…
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I think it is regulation here, my winch post on the trailer has a short section of chain with a hook on the end that goes through the bow eye when on the trailer. Should the winch strap break the boat can not slide off or bounce off the trailer bow first.

I am also lucky that the tiedown points between the trailer and the stern U bolts are near vertical so if there is any slippage in any direction they tend to hold the boat down more firmly.
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exspyrd trayd membir
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Originally Posted by Ian M View Post
and do them up tight!!

i doo reemembir a nobbur wot woz pikkin iz brannd noo bote upp. hee ad itt lowerd onnto iz noo rowler trayler an thenn ratchitid up az tite az hee cud frunt an bakk

de trubbul woz de middul sett ov rowlers woz hiyer than de frunt an bakk wans.

de bote finisht upp wiv a barnarna shaypid ull. (jus lyke a leawaiy reely)

luk arfter numbir wan, downt stepp inn numbir too
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