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Replacing a transom

I have a vintage 9.2 Seaworthy hypalon inflatable. Transom is completely rotted. Starboard tube is solid, port has a slow leak. Sectional plywood floor in good condition.

The strips of material that attached the old transom to the tubes are still pretty solidly anchored to the tubes. The inner surfaces that were glued to the transom had a layer of plywood veneer that separated from the wood. And the outer surfaces have a mix of paint and some gobs of sealant from prior repairs. I've cleaned away a lot of that wood, glue and paint, but there's still some left.

Looking for advice on how to proceed. Should I use wood or another material? If wood, should I coat it with epoxy? And what about gluing the hypalon to the transom? I see lots of recommendations for Clifton Hypalon Adhesive FA 4844 but mostly for hypalon-to-hypalon. What about gluing hypalon-to-wood or wood that's been covered with epoxy?

Thanks for any advice!
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