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Repairing a repair???

Looking at a previous repair (inherited!) I have discovered a leak - tiny but still a leak

The rest of the repair seems sound.

Is it worth trying to repair the repair of better off to start from scratch?

Assuming starting from scratch, what is the best way to remove the current patch?

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Remove the patch. Its better than patching a patch.

I use hot air on hypalon with very good results

Searider+Yamaha+Land Rover= :D :D
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A heat gun carefully used to soften the glue should allow it to pull right off. Heat slowly taking a few minutes to soften the glue. Once the patch is removed, MEK will soften the glue and allow it to be removed. I have found that course Scuffy Pad works excellent for removing glue without removing material. The pores in it collect the glue. I cut it into small pieces and toss them often. Having a little container filled with MEK allows the pads to be dipped. Good gloves are important!! Gluing is pretty straight forward. Follow the manufacturers recommendations.
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You may want to try heating and reburnishing the old patch first. Heat may reactivate the glue to the point where it seals, especially for a small leak.

Use something like the edge of a plate or similar to get good pressure, deflate the tube so you can back it with something sold (usually the hull will do, else wedge a piece of lumber behind), and go over the entire surface of the patch.

If it doesn't seal, then remove, prep and repatch.

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Hi ,you should never try to repair a repair it just doesn't work.Brig boats are usually PVC material so if you are going to use a heat gun do so VERY carefully as you can easily melt the fabric.Then cut a larger patch than the origional the patch should be a minimum of 1 inch larger in diameter than the damage in all directions and a minimum of 2 inches diameter .
If you are unsure consult a proffesional as it may save you money and grief in the future.
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