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Removing and re-applying tubes on a new craft?

I'm new to the scene do please forgive me if I make or made any forum related sins :-) I did do a search for my question first and didn't find anything relevent yet through what seems to be a lot of fantastic information!

Here's my question:
I'm looking at purchasing a small RHIB in which I plan to extensively modify the hull for a project. So much so that having the tubes on will likely get in the way of the fiberglass modifications. Can the tubes of a new craft be removed and re-installed without destroying them? I was hoping to find a local manufacturer where I could modify the hull before attachment of the tubes. I haven't found anyone yet however I did find a local importer that is only a short drive from me: They have some existing models form last year that I could get some kind of discounted price. The collar on these craft appear to be on the underside of the hull and look large.
How much effort is it to remove the tubes, can it be done without damaging them, and is possible to reattach them?

Thank you,
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Hi, Welcome to Ribnet!

Removing & re-sticking toobs is possible - there are plenty threads here on people who do it professionally. Not done it myself, but removal is no worse than removing a dodgy patch - apply heat, & use a blunt scraper (or a plastic kitchen spatula) to prize the two apart as the glue softens. Re- sticking is slightly more fun as you need to make sure it's all lined up properly as well as having the right goo in the right atmospheric conditions (temp, humidity etc) to get a reliable joint. Someone did a major refurb recently on an SR4 - search the gallery section -there is a long photographic essay in there.

Alternatively maybe ask your local Ribbers if they know of a decent shop that can do it for you. It's the kind of thing that strikes me that paying a bit more for a pro to do it is probably worth it's cost in reliability.
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