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Re-registering a used RIB

I recently bought a second hand RIB with one previous owner and despite quite a lot of Googling I am struggling to find answers to how to re-register the various aspects of the boat. The boat is fitted with VHF / DSC and has MCA Cat 3 coding which has recently expired.

SSR - I'm not sure if the boat has been SSR registered, I haven't received a certificate of registration. Presumably i should check the current status and I think I will want to register in any event as I will probably want to take the boat abroad in due course? I have located the details of the MCA who I believe is the agency responsible.

VHF - I did not receive a license with the boat should I simply register for a new license with OFCOM? Does the old license need to be cancelled?

DSC - The boat has an MMSI number, should I just contact the MCA to re-register this?

Proof of ownership - I have the bill of sale from the broker who I purchased the boat from, is this sufficient for taking the boat abroad?

Proof of VAT - I don't have the original sales invoice so what is required for travel abroad?

MCA Coding - I have certificates and documentation from MECAL, if I decided to renew the Category rating I presume that I would simply contact them?

Anything else I may have missed? Or anyone I should inform of a change of ownership I may not of thought of. (The boat was bought from the brokerage arm of the manufacturer so they will have updated owner details for warranty and so on).

Many thanks or guidance on this, it is more complicated than I had anticipated!

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VHF licence is personal to you not the radio

Dsc number is in the VHF and I think you can just change the name , the boat description will be the same

Mescal coding is not transferable

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AFAIK the SSR is not transferable, the previous owner would cancel it (if it was registered) & you would re-register. Good info here
VHF, there are 2 VHF licences, an Operators licence, which is your individual licence. Then there is a Ships licence which lists all the radio equipment on the boat, VHF, Radar, PLB/EPIRB, AIS, SART etc. This must be surrendered when you sell the boat. You can apply for a Ships VHF licence on line at OFCOM & it's free
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MCA Bill OF Sale should have been provided by the broker you bought it from (assuming you did buy from a broker) and is sufficient proof of ownership.

If you have no paperwork showing that VAT has been paid on the boat, then you will have potential problems if you wish to take the boat abroad. If the boat is not too old, you could probably get a copy of the original sales invoice (showing VAT) from the manufacturer (most of them are quite helpful in this regard). Again, if you bought from a broker, get them to chase it for you as they should have supplied this as part of the sales/brokerage process.

Hope that helps?
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Not correct above about ssr change of owner: there is an online form you can fill in on the mca website somewhere (on iPhone at the moment so can't find the link) - fill that in, pay £25 and a new ssr certificate with your name and the existing number will be sent to you in about 5 days. I did one 2 weeks ago. Easy.

As for abroad, I would take bill of sale, ssr doc, VHF license for the boat and for you, insurance and certificate of competence. I'm currently off the coast of France bringing a yacht I've just bought back to the uk: we only have bill of sale, insurance and COC and have been fine with the local authorities.
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