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What a fantastic site, I was onboard Gemini with Yan for the RB4 experiance, and had an awsome time. After finishing the event I was back to work, into normall every day life, trying to hold on to a few of the wonderfull memories that I have from the trip. In the little time I have had to spare I jumped onto the ribmagazine site looking for news and pictures on the event, and dissapointingly, still I find nouthing. After a call from Yan when he had broken the RB reccord, he sugested I jump on this site,/forum, and after reading some of the litratry masterpieces, it has brought it all back, fantastic! Its been emotional!!!!

I was lucky enough to acompany Yan and Cassie on the trip after Paul had to drop out due to a dogy knee. Greatfull is an understement of how I felt. I missed out the first leg, and acompanied, navigated Jo, top bird, up to Milford in the support vehicle. We got to MH after a 13 hr car journey, to start receiving the teams in, most arrived between, 2200 and 0100 and headed straight for there hotels, not having accom sorted Yan and myself kipped down on the pontoons for the night (note to self by waterproof bivvy bag next time), this seemed to start a trend, and I am now convinced, thanks to Yan that it is possible to sleep just about any where, any time if you put enough effort into it! Any way, we manajed to get a good nights kip (Appart from being woken by Spirit and Cianide as the came in at 0300, Mark, not knowing me, I think; was not quite sure what to make of me as I took there lines in my boxer shorts in the rain, I must say good effort boys) Up at a sporrows fart, next day we got the boat sorted, fueled up. Fueling up, yes, I may not be the shapest pencill in the mug, but on a return journey from the petrol station, with approx 400 l of petrol in a open trailor, some split, it dawned on me the precareous nature of our situation, after passing a bus station with a coupple of youngster smoking, my drysuite seat was soon full. There was some debait over the exact limits of the law with regard to this matter, but I feel confident that, well, we broke it, both British and Common Sence. Back to the trip, on returning to the boats we descovered that Mecalla, spelt wrong, had fallen ill, I can not imagine how Hugo must have felt at this point, having to leave the fleet and return to Devon, but I should imagine it was rotten. I was asked to substitute by Hugo, in GS with Tom. We left shortly after, and set off, this was my first taste of the expedition, Tom drove to start, and I kicked back in the bucket seat, enjoyed the view, and drank free red bull, imaganing what the next 9 days had in store. I could not have began to imagine!

As we came out of MH into open sea, the swell begain top increase, and I took over from Tom, whos confidence handeling the boat had astounded me. As we battled out through the steep swell, and I got the hang of driving the RIBcraft, I was, I swear to you the happiest man on the planet and could think of no place I would rather be, well mayby if I put my mind to it, took 10m cabin RIB, Britney Spears, chocolat sauce, axle g...!!! no no, sorry where was I, Ah yes. in my eliment. After a couple of hours I glanced at the GPS, lets see, we left here, are now here, and are going, going, going, all the pis#ing way up there its blo#dy miles away and we have only gone an inch. But I soon settled back and got into a routine, singing, knocking the engine key with my knee, restrting the engine, starring blankily at the sea ahead, checking Tom was in the boat, compressing my spine, singing, swearing etc, etc. We stoped for lunch and eagerly anticipated the opening of the food bag, 'Now lets see Tom, what have we got, 2 apples, a packet of smoked saussage, a half opened packet of smoked saussage, a, and anoth, and, shit, sorry, dont say shit, shit I said it agin, bad language Tom, understood' 'Ha Yes' 'Good, now then, do I understand that you and your Dad have been living off smoked saussage and apples?' 'Um, Er, NO!' 'Thank God what else have we got' '25, sachets of Chicken Soup! most burst!' Wheres a Macy Dees when u need one? Any way after a filling lunch we set off again. For the gruelling run to the IOM.

Have to go to work now, but must say thanks to the organisers, I, had a fantastic time and will enjoy the memories, both good and bad for some time to come. Will write again soon. Vernan, sorry couldnt find you a RIB, seems this quite a busy time of year! Toby

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