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Ramsey Island and Weever fish

Finally made it to Ramsey Island the other day in perfect conditions, wanting to catch slack tide in the sounds, we departed Milford Haven 13.00 cruising 18-20kn arriving at Jack sound 13.20. approx 2hr after local HW when the flow slackens to alter direction from North to South, slack water will only last about 15min though, so after 5 min we headed N again to catch slack at Ramsey, which seems to be maybe 2 hr 15min after either high or low. It can make all the difference to a safe passage knowing when to expect slack water in areas that would bubble on a good flow, Ramsey was great fun navigating round the bitches, approching them from down flow I stayed about 30yrd traveling along the reef, by this time tide started running South, so we headed round the N and back down the W side, were we seen this massive passanger rib pulling out of a cave, there seemed to be a few big charter ribs around the Island, with a few coastering as well. after lunch and exploring a few caves and headed back to Watwick beach in the Haven, Let the kids have a splash in crystal clear water, 20min later my daughter complained of a sore foot, and it turns out she stood on a weever fish, I was advised she needed to soke her foot in hot water, luckily home was only 10min blast away, daughter reckon'd the pain reduced after soking half hour, but couple of days to feel much better. but apart from that we had a good day. Here's a little vid from the day.

RAMSEY ISLAND .wmv - YouTube
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