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Premix in a 4-stroke?

Just out of interest, what would happen if you put premixed fuel (100:1) in a four-stroke engine. I'm thinking of a car engine here......

I say this becasue I nearly ran out of fuel in my car last night. I did however have a can full of premixed fuel in the boot. Would it have been OK?

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not much just a bit of smoke just make sure you add more petrol to dilut the mix


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If your car has a catalyst which most of them do then you will wreck it big time-
then when you get it's first MOT it will fail - seen the price for a new cat???

Mind you how much it would take is anyone's guess - wouldn't risk it though!!!

Having said that catalysts are the biggest con ever - still that is another story....
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I used to tip all the stale premix into our old Panda 4x4. Ran fine. Mind you a Panda would run on camels piss if it had too.

As regards the wifes newer Renault complete with cat, I have tipped in premix before but it was diluted with a tank of neat and the cat tests at the mot's have been spot on.

Stale fuel has not been a problem with the searider, its been used all year round including in the snow.
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