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Ocean Dynamics

Hey Guys
Back on air!
Any advice at all on the ocean dynamic ribs-
beariing in mind I won't need to trailer and need a tough rib for a bit of ice possibly.
Are they more seaworthy than the other fellas we have discussed?
any views/experience?

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These are heavy duty aluminium hull, jet drive RIBs designed to work in the surf and overfalls around West Wales.

They need lots of power (450 hp for a moderate top speed) and are expensive. They are cetainly tough, but I don't know how suitable they are for general cruising. You may get a better all round result with a more conventional setup.

If you particularly want an aluminium hull, some manufacturers offer this an an option (off the top of my head, these includeRibtec, Ribcraft & Delta).

Bear in mind that a RIB is not going to be heavy enough to smash through any serious ice, so there's no point trying to build an ice breaker. Alan Priddy took his standard Ribtec through some pretty serious ice during his 1997 Atlantic crossing without doing any damage to the boat.


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v sound advice
thanks John
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Hi Bear

What we found was that a lighter Rib is better in the ice. When you get caught out you can drive it onto the ice to escape being crushed. You then have the option of filling the boat with water to break the ice from above! Trust me I have done it.
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Alan P
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To all,

That's the way to make "rib on the rocks".
Michael a.k.a "Bat Falcon"

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