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Novurania 530DL Fuel Tank size and access?

Hello All,

I want to access the fuel tank area just to inspect/clean the area as well as confirm the fuel tank size.

The original owner stated that the tank size is 40 gallons and that is what the Mercury Vessel View is calibrated to. Of course, that is programmed by the user, and therefore unreliable at best.

When the Vessel View warns that the “Fuel level is critical” (setting is 10%) I can only add about 18 gallons to the tank. Either the vessel view was programmed poorly or the tank is actually smaller (the current Novurania website indicates the 550DL has a 26 gallon tank but he 530DL is no longer listed). I am considering a run across Lake Michigan to Milwaukee (~95 miles) and would like to have certain knowledge of my fuel quantity. 26 gallons may be enough for the trip but 40 gallons would absolutely be plenty.

Has anyone removed the floor panel on the a Novurania Deluxe?
Do you have photos of what is under there?
Is it easy to do? (now the seal looks great I’d have to mess that up in a failed attempt to check things out.)

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Here is a link to specs listed for the 530DL, it does show 40 gals for fuel tank, maybe carry a 3 gal fuel tank and run boat till tank is empty and refill and see how much it takes, carry the 3 gal tank just in case you run out of fuel out in the water to get back to shore, once you know the correct tank size than you will know.. Novurania 530DL Inflatables on Sale by Defender
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