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New to RIBs - HELP!

I'm keen to get a small family runaround to use mostly down on the Devon coast in England and a RIB seems the best option for my needs. (Someone is trying to convince me a Dory may be better though.)

As I'm pretty new to boating, however, could anyone point me at a good site for advice on RIB's for starters?


WHAT IS A GOOD STARTER SIZE FOR A FAMILY OF 5 – 2 adults & 3 children - if I wanted to do a little bit more than just potter around the harbour/estuary?

(I'm not planning to go out to deep sea, but would like to be pull an inflatable with children in it behind the boat. Or possibly travel up the coastline a bit to other local beaches?)


IS BUYING SECOND-HAND A NO NO FOR NOVICES? I hear RIBS have a limited lifespan.

So many questions and I don't really know where to begin, so any pointers from you experts would be much appreciated.


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Originally Posted by Lordy View Post
As I'm pretty new to boating, however, could anyone point me at a good site for advice on RIB's for starters?
You're already here!

I would suggest you look for a RIB around 5.5 to 6 metres. A 90 or 115hp outboard is plenty, although it is common to fit bigger engines.

No problem buying second hand. In fact I'd recommend it for your first boat, because whatever you get you'll probably want to change it after a season or two as you'll get a feel for what you really want.

Dories are fine in sheltered water, and lots of people have started with them. They tend to give a hard ride when the sea gets a little choppy, and you'd probably be happier for longer with a RIB.

As for which to choose, have a browse around here. There's lots to read.

Welcome to RIBnet!

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