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Country: Australia
Town: Sydney
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Length: 6.5m
Engine: 225HP Outboard
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New To Ribs


I'm currently living in Australia (3 year ex-pat thing with work) but will be returning to the UK within the year. I've always wanted a powerboat since I was a kid so when I moved out here to Aus I finally took the plunge and bought a speed/ski boat.

When I get back to the UK I would like to continue having a boat and am looking at a Rib as the most sensible thing to buy. What licences etc do you need to drive a powerboat in the UK? I know about the RYA 2 qualifications etc but are these a legal requirement? I have an Australian boat licence but assume that will be of no use to me back home.

Having sorted out a licence etc what would people recommend as a good boat for someone who wants to be able to muck around and go quickly and then also use it to dive from with some friends?

Ribs aren't a particularly big thing out here in Aus so I haven't had much exposure to them and what is a good make etc. But from looking on the net I quite liked the Ballistic 7.8m - what are your opinions?

Many thanks for your thoughts

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Country: UK - England
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You do not need any thing to use a boat here but taking any of the qualifications is a good idea. RIBs are the 4 x 4 s of the sea and would fit the useage that you want. I am sure that some of the other members will all have their views on which make you should buy, I have had Ocean (very good) BWM (not so good) and Ribtec (very good) the choice is going to be fun but difficult.

Hope this helps.


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Country: UK - England
Town: Maidstone
Make: Avon
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My advice would be to go somewhere that was selling ribs, and try as many as you can, because not only do you find the one you want (hopefully), but you also have a lot of fun trying!

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Town: Pembrokeshire
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God forbid that RIBs are seen as the 4x4's of the sea. I have never seen one doing a school run, nor have i seen one fitted with Bull Bars.

Quite right that no quals are needed. Time maybe for some quango to make it a rule, then we could all convert or MitsuHatsu Discoveries to run with sponsons! That way we would not damage the school gates when we collect our children from the villij school.

"Tonge in cheek"

Don't go looking for bad weather, it will find you soon enough!
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Country: UK - England
Boat name: Won't get Fooled Again
Make: Ribtec
Length: 6.5
Engine: Honda 130
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Andy, where will you be based when you return
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