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Country: UK - England
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Boat name: Bradoosh
Make: Menai Marine
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New here (sorry if in the wrong place)

Hi guys.

I will start by apologising if this has been posted in the wrong place, but I haven't been able to find an introductions board/thread to post it in so please feel free to move it if necessary.

Well, I am Ed. I am 17 and I am going in to upper 6th form studying Mathematics, Business Studies and possibly Further Maths or Physics as an AS level.

I have had a few boats in the past few years, most recent purchase is a RIB though, which is why I have come here to start my learning process and to get a head start on my dad.

We had a little 17ft boat at first, a NAB 17 cuddy fishing boat with a 50HP Suzuki 2 stroke (burnt the fuel like there was no tomorrow). Then we got ourselves a bigger, slower boat, a Mitchell 23 with a Sabb 18HP diesel inboard. Both of these boats were in Pwllheli, the Nab being kept in Park & Launch with Llyn Marine Services and the Mitchell was in the harbour.

After deciding a big, slow boat on a drying mooring just wasn't for us after all, we down sized to a Picton 166 with a Mariner 60HP 2 stroke, which burns the fuel unsurprisingly.

Anyway, we then heard of what we were assured was a pretty good deal last week for a Menai 5.5m RIB with a 70HP Suzuki 4 stroke on the back sitting on a roller coaster trailer. The whole package was new in 2006 and has just had its 20 hour service.

As you have probably guessed, our main use for our boats if for fishing. It took a while for dad to twist my arm and decide a RIB would suit us as a fishing platform, but he managed it and I am really excited now as we are picking the boat up after my driving test on friday so I will have good news then whether I pass my test or not *touch wood*.

I have done a few RYA course with Jono who is a member on here in Pwllheli and have my PB level 2 and Intermediate. His course are great and Gwyn (an instructor at PPT) has been great in all 3 of the courses he has taught me.

I also did my Sea Survival with a lady on Anglesey. That was a great course. I can't remember the name of her company though.

I have a few niggling questions which I sort of know the answer to, but I am hoping you experienced guys will help with.

What speed would you expect to get from this RIB with the 70HP Suzuki on the back?

Will the fuel economy be better than the other two boats we've had which have been 2 strokes?

How much fuel would you expect to consume when at a cruising speed?

Would be nice to know the answers to these questions - not for any particular reason but for interest's sake.

I am going to look around now through old posts and will hopefully learn something along the way.

Sorry for going on a bit, lol, I rant when I'm excited about something!



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Rant away!!!

Suzuki 4 strokes are fantastic engines - at WOT(Wide Open Throttle) 2 strokes and 4 strokes tend to use the same but at lower speeds there is a big difference. A bloke I know has a Ribeye 5.5m with a yamaha 80 and it goes all day on about 40L - and he doesn't hang about.

Nothing wrong with a RIB for fishing from - just don't get carried away with the knives!!!

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Make: LOMAC 730
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Best of luck ed2. Go for it. By the way, well done for your well worded post for someone of your age.
You put some of us older folks to shame.
Running around like a head with it's chicken cut off.
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Hi, Ed, and Welcome.

No idea on your questions, but a fuel management gauge coupled to a GPS would answer a lot of those, and give you a real-time burn rate, as well.

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Town: warrington
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I have been at the helm of Bradosh many times WOT, its a great RIB and handles extremely well, the previous owner has moved to a Yamarin cruiser boat type of thing,you probably saw them at Dulas when you picked Bradosh up.
Enjoy it!

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It maybe a bit late but welcome to Ribnet Ed. What a nice first post. I can feel your enthusiasm!
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Originally Posted by jwalker View Post
It maybe a bit late but welcome to Ribnet Ed. What a nice first post. I can feel your enthusiasm!
Ditto..... ..and the best bit of advice I can give you is.... don't upset Keith......
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I second Codprawns comments on the Suki 4 strokes. I have owed the 140 and currently have the 225 and they have both been great engines. They are incredibly quiet at low speeds, and have a lovely growl when you floor them (the 225 certainly does!).
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Town: cornwall
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Engine: tatsu 50
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I had a df70 suzuki on my rib 4.9m It used to do about half a litre a mile using it fairly hard .
Mine was a 2001 and ran like new never a moments bother and very quiet if you are trolling at 1000 rpm .

If I kept it at a very steady cruise about 3500 rpm 22mph it was very economical but I rarely did that.

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