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Nasher Goes West.

Spotted the Nashers heading West on the 303 this morning.

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West Country beware!!!
I'll have to keep a sharp watch out!


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Yes, and back today.
Plenty to tell when I've sorted out some images off the camera.

Mind you, it wasn't the 303, don't touch it as I use the A35 then A30.

We were a few days late going.
Saturday - Mrs Nasher was on her way back from a school trip to Saltsburg.(Before anyone accuses me of anything she's a teacher)

Sunday - She said she needed a day to recover/do the washing.
I thought the washing fairies took it out of the basket and did it, but true enough, whilst she wasn't at home it didn't get done.

Monday - Lets be fair I though she needed two days to do the washing.

Tuesday - Early in the morning the D3 and boat were packed with gear for the trip, the boat was hitched to the car, lights checked etc, I turned the engine off so we could 'relieve ourselves' before we left. Locked the front door, all got in the car, started the engine, and for the first time ever the battery light didn't go out, with the bonnet open the smell of burnt out alternator and lack of change in voltage at the battery with engine running or not pointed to an alternator with a very bad sense of timing, until of course I realised it was better to go at home than down in devon.
By the time I'd made a special tool to remove the fan and swapped the alternator for a Land Rover Service exchange one it was late afternoon and we decided not to put the tent up in the dark.

Wednesday - Off without a problem and a good time has been had by all.
Met up with LT on the slip a couple of times, nice to say hello.

Pictures to follow.

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D3 alternators do seem to be a bit of a weakness after a few years.
A Boat is a hole in the water, surrounded by fibreglass, into which you throw money...

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