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Originally Posted by sirewan
THAT will be why nobody answered there phone on Monday DOH!!! I think I need one of those bank holiday things myself..

I understand that people are tightening belts right now and that it's not easy even for the big operators. It was one of the main reasons for setting this site up. A site that gave people a (not taking the p@@@) price point, no commision, other hidden fees, a simple to navigate and informative outlet with 16 weeks of selling support.

Anyway got ma 135 fitted to Jumper today so thats at least one tick in the happy box.
Your welcome!

Im not ruling out using the service.

I'd say 16 weeks is too long though as most of my boats are selling within a week or a the very most a month. The cost is another issue as your paying for weeks you don't need.

Boats and Outboards (not mine) website although full of cons (as any site could be) is very competitive. I pay around 50 per month for 15 rolling adverts. If one boat sells simply remove and load up another. Provided you only have 15 live ads per month you don't pay any more. 5 are featured too! That's just 3 per advert!! Bigger traders get even better prices.

Paying 10 per ad on your site would cost me 150 to advertise 15 boats. Granted it would be for 16 weeks but 12 of them would be redundant.are you planning any trade accounts ?

I agree that it could be a very good replacement though with some minor adjustments. Best of luck with it

Ps the reason I did not return the call was I was waiting for the advised email with full details before calling to discuss...

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OK I'm starting to see the point from a traders perspective. I don't want to over complicate the site because I want it to sell it on simplicity and cost. (getting alot of different figures of cost for boats and outboards (not you Peter) from different people). I do think though your point is well valid about having paid for a spot and the boat sells. My initial thought would be that within the 16 week period, you have paid for that 'window'. You should easily be able to edit it as you wish (in terms of selling a boat/charter/gear). I'll wait for more feedback on this before I impliment my new 'get the traders on board stratagy'.

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Not sure if it has been said already, but the aqua type on white background is very hard to read.

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