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Legislation changes

Legislation changes relating to RCD ratings and emission controls have been mentioned a lot here over the last few months. I would like to get some hard facts about the proposed changes to avoid spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt.

Crazyhorse seems to be the one with most to say about it, but I want to open this up to anyone else who might have some information.

What are the possible repercussions of using a RIB in conditions more severe than its RCD rating? If your answer is "your insurance might be invalid" do you have anything from your insurance company to substantiate this? Is there an insurance company who would like to comment? Are there other possible ramifications?

What are the proposed new emission regulations for the UK/EU? What effect will they have in practice and over what timescale? Will they effect only sales of new engines? Sales of second hand engines? Use of older engines?

Real information only please, not hearsay! If you can't find an authoritative reference (ideally on-line, but not absolutely essential) then hold fire until you can. Thanks!


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I am trying to get some facts as we speak in wrighting, but it will take some time as it is a complex subject and besides my personal feelings and concerns and opinions that I have expressed, It is also my opinion that not many people in the Trade or insurance companys will want to answer my/our questions,as they have no real financial incentive to do so,and in some cases it is not in there interest too either.

This in my opinion and I feel it is a most important subject as it may effect the second hand value of all our boats,for egsample I have a second hand Thundercat for sale purchased in 2001 I have found that when the purchaser asked to see the Ce plate on Sunday it wasnt there.Therfore have I got any recourse from the trade that I purchased it from in good faith in 2001 as the new purchaser went off the idea after realising it wasnt CE marked.

I can say at this moment in time I dont know?.

I can confirm that within the next 3 wks I will have a better idea based on what fact I can get ,and hope that the answeres will be a comfort to those that have a non CE marked boats including me.

But at the same time I feel that it is important for a forum to be able to assist otheres and if the implications are not good for us present boat owners with non CE marked boats ,then we have a responsibility to voice our concerns and be honest.

In the hope it may help otheres make a more informed view at this point in time and not a couple of yrs ago when maybe some of us ,me included made my initial decisions of what was important then ,and with forsight that decision may not be the same now, based on this new legislation.

I am no RCD ambassador but the implications are a concern to me and anybody contemplating spending what is a considerable sum on a rib or boat in the future who wants to minimise his potentiel losses.

If you fall into the catergory of not bothered then fine,No point in adding to this thread


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Question No1
Has this legislation been ratified yet??

If not then not much to talk about I don't think
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