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leaking tube?

I have tried everything to stop a section from going down on rib.Even leaktec can't find it. Are there any products that you can inject into tube to seal from inside. Like you can get for a bike puncture. Any ideas wold be of great help simon
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There is a product that you pour into the tube through the valve opening, and shake around to coat the inside of the tube, curing any small leaks.

I have used it on an inflatable in the past, and it worked -- but I don't have the details to hand. Try asking in a chandlers and see if they can help. If I can find more details I'll post them here.


John Kennett
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In the site IBS (
they have a Leak Detector and an Inflatable Sealant kit!

Paulo Cabrita
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Send a message via ICQ to Menno
i have a the stuff for in the tube
it,s called Rubber Life its made in italie
osulatie s.p.a - via pacinotti 12
20090 segrate (mi) ITALIA

its a 500 ml can i have use it on my narwhal
and it workt great

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I have a soultion from the Outside.

I have a quite old AVONB Searider. Boats of this size can't be shaken around to distribute some sealant. The solution comes from germany, at Coelean ( Email: ) they sell a one component PU paint, which is super flexible. They also offer a primer and colour pastes. The result on my AVON was really good, Treated parts are sealed, also the fresh painted appearance is really good
If you need further information mail or post


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