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Originally Posted by Nasher View Post

Having turned a RIB over a couple of times, admittedly my own fault and of course I wouldn’t be stupid with kids on board, I could never agree with strapping kids in.

Barrel roll or longitudinal Nasher? I somehow are more worried about flipping longitudinal(in heading seas) with the SR than a barrel roll.....

But as most of You mentioned, would not strap kids on a rib. And I am very, very careful with routing, weather and speed with the small kids on-board. In fact They like a rougher ride, especially swell and following seas, but i play it very safe with them on board.
fun on a boat is inversely proportional to size...sort of anyway
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Originally Posted by C-NUMB View Post
Barrel roll or longitudinal Nasher?

Both unfortunately, in a Flatacraft Force 4 with a bigger engine than it should have had on it.

I'd rather go over backwards if I did it again, it all happens a bit more slowly and you don't get thrown.

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All good advice above. I also have kids (now 5 & 10 but been afloat since birth) and two labs so I know where you're at. I have the same seating config as you.
We never strapped our kids on, but I did think about mounting a car or bike seat onto the rear bench (I bet this'll get some comments!). Never did it through lack of time. Mountings would need to be bullet proof of course (plus previous comments re mounting of bench to deck). If capsize is even remotely a possibility you shouldn't be out in those conditions with very small kids.
Best seating position we found when they were small was sitting on the bench facing backwards. No wind in face and kids can hang onto backrest. An adult arm round them as well and they're safe as houses.
Bizzarely we find almost all small kids (under 4) fall asleep on the rib. I can't understand how at 40 knots but they all do it. Message here is make sure they're held onto at all times - we've had one nasty incident of a kid falling off a seat and smacking their head - harness wouldn't have helped here.
As for hauling a 30kg wet labrador back aboard - a good handfull of scruff and a good handfull of tail works a treat - that's why they fit them with handles on both ends! Just make sure the bilge pump is on when the thing shakes itself!
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Thanks Jon, more good advice, sitting backwards on the bench seat sounds like a good idea, would make my boy very happy, he's obsessed with the outboard.
I lol'd at the bit about the dog, I decided to buy a life jacket for her mainly to give me a 3rd handle to haul on, she's put a put on a bit of beef in the last few years seemed to coincide with the kids started feeding themselves.
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