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Insurance - the final frontier A WARNING!!

I wonder how many Rib owners actually have any idea on the maximum load that can be put on their transom - do you know yours?

The bottom line is as I have just found out is that if you put an engine that exceeds:-

Max hull speed
Max HP rating
Max transom loading

then your liable for the consequences it seems.

That perhaps does not seem surprising but what is is that the insurance company's dont check upfront. They rely on you. They might ask the HP rating but that about it. Even more surprising is that the instructions that I have seen from the boat manufacturer and the outboard supplier also do not mention that this should be checked as well - so the odds are not in your favour - you have to rely on the supplying dealer unless you are an expert.

How do you thing you stand if you have a boat supplied as a 'package' of boat and outboard, and you suddenly find out they should never have 'technically' been supplied together - what responsibility do you expect the supplying dealer should have?. I can tell you that the boat manufacturer views this as a trading standards issue. I'm waiting for a reponse to see how the sales dealer views it.

Perhaps I'm lucky as I could have found out only when processing a claim only to be told that I was not coverted as the claims inspector has spotted an irregularity.......

If you rib has a CE plate then it will detail this information -check it out now!

or you might end up with a boat you cant technically use - then it comes down to a moral issue - do you declare it......


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Originally Posted by mhb100 View Post
or you might end up with a boat you cant technically use - then it comes down to a moral issue - do you declare it......

Yes, declare it.

Just like modifying a car, if your boat is beyond any limits of original spec then it's just not worth hoping you never have an accident, or if you do that the insurance company does not spot what you have neglected to tell them.

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