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Insurance Query

Hi all,

I have sent a note to my insurance company (Mardon) but thought I would see what everyone else thinks while I am waiting for their reply.

I would like to take a few colleagues from work out on a bit of a treasure hunt around Cardiff Bay and approaches.

I will not be getting paid but will probably claim back the fuel / launching costs - would I need commercial insurance ? or is it likely my existing policy would cover ?



I will let you know what Mardon say.

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It all depends on what you've actually told your insurance company, if they think for one minute your doing this for commercial gain then your not probably insured on your current policy and will want more money for you to upgrade for the day, its the nature of the beast. If on the other hand your taking a few mates out for a run and everyones chipping in a bit for the fuel then they probably wont see any problem with it.

I'm also with Mardon and have currently got a claim in with them, when they get going they are great but it took a few phone calls to stir them up, i'll be interetsed to hear what they have to say in regard to this matter.

Good luck

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