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Hydraulic helm unit install hole filling

I'm just getting to the stage of installing my new hydraulic steering I have removed the manual steering and have just offered the new unit upto the console.

And from previous fitments of steering I have bolt holes and screw holes in the area where I need to drill new holes for the steering unit but the problem is that they are not bang on and when I drill the new hole it will only just touch the old hole and over time I guess the hole could elongate or enlarge.

Does anyone recommend anything I could fill these holes in the grp that would restore the previous strength of ply and fibreglass that I could then redrill again.

Was thinking of maybe mixing talc and poly resin together as a filler but do not know how strong this would be.

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I wouldn't use talc; slippery as all get out. Soft as well, so I doubt it would add any structural benefit.

I would think straight epoxy or epoxy with a microbeads or glass fiber thickener. Your poly resin should work with the same thickeners, I think (though I'm not a glassing guy, either.)


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I'd go with one of those quick epoxy putties, break off a bit and squeeze it together, that would be easiest. You aren't in need of much.

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Hydraulic helm unit install hole filling

I filled some 6mm holes in my console by using some 6mm hardwood doweling rod, tapping in doweling rod that was covered in Gorilla glue until it was just 3-4mm below surface then gel coat filler to fill the rest of hole,this was then sanded back flush.
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Fill them with epoxy. Could mix some microfibres or micro balloons in to give it more strength but plain epoxy would do for what you need. I've got done microballoons or micrifibre (can't remember which) in my shed if you want some. Or use sawdust to do the same thing.

Tape the back of the hole and use a syringe to fill the hole so it doesn't go everywhere them take the front of the hole to drop it running out before it sets

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