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How Much !!!!!!!!!!!!!

As part of my, 8.5m, boat service it was lifted out of the water and re-launched later in the day once the service was complete.

The bill arrived the other day and I was somewhat staggered to see an invoice for £160 for what was about 15 minutes work ( and I thought that my hourly rate was steep !)

Now I know that attaching the word boat to anything doubles the price but this represents not far off what I pay a month for unlimited launches are recoveries, again using a fork-lift. It would have been cheaper for me to get the engineer to travel back and forward to perform the service.

Not paying for lift-outs, other than my yearly contributions in Poole, I consider this a complete rip-off, but am I mistaken and this is the going rate, in which case I must be tight and need to stop drinking half pints of Tesco’s Value beer !!

Of course with a little hindsight I would have asked what the costs were so more fool me and my bank balance.



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So that's getting on for £10 per metre each way. Sounds pretty excessive to me, but I wouldn't be surprised to find that it's the going rate on the south coast! Was it a MDL marina by any chance?


John Kennett

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Methinks I know this particular location.
My own Marina, Mayflower in Plymouth, charges £10.80 inc vat, per metre, to lift out, move to cradle and relaunch. This is what you had I think. That area that you are talking about has its own purpose-built pontoons down below the boat park, has a specialised forklift and runs a high security boatpark facility. That is its only source of income, it does not have a mooring fees income like most places. You may feel that its expensive, but like the fuel filler man in the Scillies said to me "If you dont like my prices you are free to fill up elsewhere"
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Hi Mark

If you think that your lift was expensive, try having it lifted in New York!!! Not Fun.

Alan P
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