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Hope for the best, & plan for the worst

The following was found in the 'News' section on the UKonline web site on Sunday 9 Dec. and credited to Press Association and Swansea Coastguard.

The Swansea coastguard was called from a mobile phone to twelve royal navy & royal marine divers were rescued after getting into trouble after diving off Lundy, (does not say if at work or pleasure?) having travelled out in two RIB's.

On commencing return to North Devon one boat became swamped and their radio put out of action. The vessels then became damaged, with one starting to sink, and the engines broke down.

Helicopter scrambled from RAF Chivenor and took five divers off the damaged craft, the Appledoor lifeboat took a further five. The remaining two stayed on less damaged RIB and were towed into port.

Weather although cold was of moderate swell, with good visibility.

A comment on the site credited to Swansea Coastguard;
"These divers were very experienced and took al precautions necessary - however accidents can happen to the best prepared party and our advice is allways to hope for the best and prepare for the worst"

Can I ask questions please?
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