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Highfield boat owners help wanted

Hello Sirs, newbe looks for HF 540-590 boats information.
I have build new rib on original HF OM590 alu body, but tubed in different company. Now this boat on the way to me, so have SUZ140 and trailer ready, but not have yeat a boat. Boat is not equiped so i look for information about:

1. What is original HF590 steering wheel size? Steering machine what i have buy is NFB 4.2 and that handle 300hp engine and 400mm wheel. So what wheel size be useful for my setup?

2. My transom not have plywood outbord plate, so i think i must install that between engine and alu transom like original boad have. So can somebody tell me original size and thickness of this ply detail. Want made it before boat come.

3. Where is better place to install battery in my setup? Inside console or on the desk, close to engine?

That is first questions,
Thank you for any advices.
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