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Help with tying up to pilings

Where I am going to be keeping my boat I have to tie up to 4 piling, 2 per side forward and aft. I am worried about the tubes rubbing against the pilings and or the ropes chafing. Does anyone have any good ideas, bumpers, etc... suggestions? I was thinking larger bumpers sideways to ride along the pilings but was not sure if they will ride up on the tubes?

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How much room is there between the pilings? If there is plenty of room between your boat and the pilings either side you can rig up springs which will keep it roughly in the same place all the time.

You can get fenders you can fit to the piling itself and get some plastic pipe to cover your ropes where they come in contact with the tube or hull.

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Is it in a tidal area ? and if so what sort of rise and fall is there and how far apart are the piles in terms of distance from your boat ?
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How about using a long plank that you can put between the pilings , and fastened to the pilings with light chain so it goes up and down with the tide ,you could always fasten a fender on each end to help it float if needed .
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Front port to port rear piling, rear port to front port piling; repeat on starboard.

Won't help with tides, though, I'd think.

A length of garden hose will reduce chafe on lines.

If it's tight between the pilings, you'll need some blanket type fenders: either homemade (heavy canvas may do it), or something like these

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