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Country: Netherlands
Town: Harlingen
Make: Avon Seasports
Length: 5.45
Engine: Yamaha 130 V4 outb.
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Glue removal

In an attempt to brighten up my 9 yr old Avon Seasport I removed some old patches(repair spots) but glue remains on tubes.Patches were simply glued over leaking seams.
How can I remove those glue remains? Tried clear petrol,but that doesn't work.
I don't dare to try anything more aggressive because I'm afraid the tubes will dissapear using those chemicals.

Still wondered in the bad shape those tubes are in after 9 yrs
of probably hard life. Friend of mine has safety-control function in offshore industry (oil-ricks) but has never seen rib-tubes in the bad condition of my boat.
On some places even the top layer comes off,showing the hypalon structure.AVON supplier in the Netherlands assured me it
could only be optical,for those tubes could last for 30 years ?????????????.
A lot of seams have come loose,but can be glued,but still.....
However the hull is in mint condition,no cracks or other problems anywhere.I've looked at FOR SEA's ,Joker boats,Zodiacs,couple of years old with major polyester hull problems.

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Country: USA
Town: Fairfield
Boat name: Sunrider
Make: Zodiac
Length: 7.3
Engine: MerCruiser (bio)diesel 180hp I/O
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You could try toluene, MEK and/or light sanding to remove old glue while trying to avoid getting down to the fabric. However, if many seams need re-gluing it suggests the glue may be deteriorated throughout the boat and you may end up with continuous patching and re-gluing once the boat experiences the stress of returning to the water.

I've heard some people say that it's possible to sand the old glue to a smooth surface then just re-glue over that. I've done it in small, low-stress areas and it's held OK but I wouldn't recommend it for seams.

One alternative to cover areas where fabric is exposed would be to paint on a coat of hypalon (from a can). I'm in the US and the product is available here - not sure about your area.

Good luck!

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Country: Greece
Boat name: SUN KISS II
Make: Nuova Bat 9 Falcon -
Length: 5m +
Engine: Outboard Mercury 115
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Capt Rod

I' ve seen some boats in bad shape regarding the tubes, but it's not common. Usually they are left over for many many years. Now for your case, since the hul is in good shape, I think the best thing to do is find a manufacturer who can replace the old tubes with new ones and forget the gluing thing for ever.
Michael a.k.a "Bat Falcon"

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Country: Netherlands
Town: Harlingen
Make: Avon Seasports
Length: 5.45
Engine: Yamaha 130 V4 outb.
Join Date: Sep 2002
Posts: 5
Asked some suppliers to give me a price for retubing,only got
a price from Avon.I could get me a complete new Rib for that money.
From Henshaw I got a reply that they could make new tubes for
me,but they couldn't quote me a price.
Didn't get any reply from Nick (Sealionboat)
So I thought the next best thing to do is to brighten up the boat.

Main reason why I bought it in the first place was the perfect engine (Yamaha 130 V-4),the perfect hull and the great handling behaviour at sea.Really runs much better than Joker 5.80 I also
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Country: UK - England
Town: Brighton
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You could probably buy a house as well for the price that Avon would charge!

I'm surprised that you haven't been able to get any help from Henshaw or Nic Gilbertson. I would try them again before you give up.

For getting the old glue off, try carefully using a flap sander in a power drill.

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Country: UK - England
Town: Great Harwood, Lancs
Boat name: Tigger II
Make: Bombardier Aerodeck
Length: 3m +
Engine: Tohatsu 25HP
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Give Euromarine in Preston a ring.

They do retubes, etc and I have only used them once but found them very good.

Tel 01772 622856

Regards Gary
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Country: UK - England
Boat name: Little Wing
Make: Searider 5.4
Length: 5m +
Engine: Tohatsu 90
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My very first rib was an avon searider 4m which had been attacked by a company of english archers. The old patches were removed and the glue cleaned up with careful use of a grind stone on a dremel tool. This method was recommended by the man who makes osprey ribs and if you are careful it does make a tidy job. Practice on an old patch first. New patches were fabricated incorporating grab handles so it didn't look like it was full of holes. The tubes were given a coat of grey hypalon paint with a gloss roller (Polymarine?). The deck was covered in ribbed rubber matting, and what was originally a sorry old tub turned into a tidy looking little boat which gave many years sterling service. p.s. I also recommend eurocraft in Leyland. Good service at a reasonable price. D.M.
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