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Geography and SOC

I don't know about anyone else, but I am finding it fascinating reading up on all the little 'out of the way' unheard of places Spirit is visiting on her (its?) voyage. As they have just left Adak I came across this site which makes some interseting viewing.
See what you think?

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Now, for me, this is definitely a first! Typing a reply to a thread while a jolly little band is blasting out "In the Navy".

Good move Charles. Will you take on the chore of keeping this thing going? It would be particularly good to look up the web site of your choice before Alan and the Lads make their landfall. But after is fine. No matter. You're probably short on time.

Actually, that Adak web sight is really GOOD. I now think back to my yoof-full days as a soldier servin' Queen and Country as the Empire declined, and I would kinda like to find pages of cyber history on which to sign visitors books. Memories of Berlin, Cyprus, Aden, Salalah and, aaaaaaah....Colchester.


PS "In the Navy"...wasn't that a Village People ditty - or do the American Marines really march to that stuff?

Mike G
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Just as long as you dont sing it to me, I don't care! As my current plan is to join up as a navy diver in february. Diving and playing with explosives all rolled in to one nice job, heaven!

And yeah it's interesting reading up on the SoC stops as they go along, increases your knowledge of the world
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There are also long and lat co-ordinates and a general website printed on the journal pages before they get to the next stop - courtesy of the Cardiff HQ groupie
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Counting the days of the ~SOC~ trip.
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