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Gear select adjustmet

My Mercury F150 XL EPLT wont go into reverse - it grind instead. Forwards is fine. Presume the gear shift cable needs adjusting. Cant find any articles on adjusting it. Anyone got any links or tips?

Ta !

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Hi Mike

I would assume that outboards are basically the same.

On my Suzuki there is an adjusting nut, with a lock nut that holds it into position just above the lower gear box.

Adjust that either way to centralise the neutral.

Make sure the prop locks either way in forward and reverse and of course is free when in neutral.

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Inside the cowling, where the cable is attached to the cam, yo can adjust the slack. But you need to consider why it is now not going into gear. If your cable is going bad, there is a place in it somewhere where it is frayed. Trace it from your shifter all the way down to the motor. Open the shifter and inspect to make sure that none of the linkage there has broken. It is not hard to replace on your own. Lot's of great Youtube videos to help
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