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Five years of RIBnet!

Happy New Year!

RIBnet is FIVE years old next week, and I just wanted to thank everyone for making it such a success.

Watching the forums grow and take on a life of their own has been fantastic. It takes a while to build up a critical mass of regulars to make forums work, but once they get going there's just no stopping them!

I did set up a RIBnet forum early on, but discontinued it in January 1999 due to lack of use (sparsely used forums are a pet hate of mine). Since May 2000 though the re-launched forums have gone from strength to strength. Most of the time this has required very little admin input from me, which is to the immense credit of all the members.

I am very protective of the forums though, and whilst differing views and lively debate are very welcome, I have occasionally waded in to discourage people from starting gratuitous wind ups, and posting completely irrelevant messages.

The high ratio of "signal to noise" is what makes the forums and the archive of messages really useful, and long may this continue.

Generally this approach has been welcomed, although inevitably some people see any intervention as an indication of my "ego/megalomania/stubbornness" -- to quote a recent email. I have even been accused of being a dictator. Imagine!

Hope 2003 is good for everyone, and I look forward to finally meeting some more of you over the next few months.


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A big very thankyou for running ribnet for us. It is by far the best forum I have joined and long may it continue. We do apreicate the time you take in administering the site particularly since you do it for free and in your own time.

A dictatorship is fine with me (and I suspect many of the members, afterall most are married so must be used to a dictatorships) and you have struck a happy balance, so carry on dictating.

We wish you and the family a Happy New Year.


{Shields Up and flak jacket on after the middle comment}

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No point in being King if you do not rule! Thansk for everything John Alan P
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All i can say is...

..thank goodness i did not find this forum in May 2000 or i don't think i would have got a degree!

The number of hours not working when i should be...

Great work JK, keep it up


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I'd like to thank you John for the many "wasted hours" I've spent on the forum when I was supposed to be doing other things like, oh, say, working !

Seriously though this is the best boating forum on the web and long may it prosper! And if that means we continue to benefit from your benevolent dictatorship then thats fine with me.

Happy New Year and hope to see you in Plymouth if not before.

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It's just a year ago that, with Alan P's much appreciated help and guidance, I bought my first RIB.

A year on and my knowledge base has grown a great deal - mostly thanks to the RIBnet Forum.

Through it, Diana and I have also made a bunch of new friends and we can't wait to widen that circle even more with the coming year.

John you've done a great job.

Mike G
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Alan hit it right on the head. John you are forever getting me into trouble for browsing the site. Oh Christ here she comes again........Coming dear!!
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JK, it's all your fault. here I am, back at work and browsing Ribnet (during my break, honest guvnor).

What can I say but, THANKS.

Keith Hart

Small boat - BIG truck
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