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first rib Q's


Have been lurking for a little while, but have now saved engough to dip toe in water, so to speak.

I understand that ribcraft are a respected make & have seen this Ribcraft Sports Dive Ribs for sale , Ribcraft 585 - Boats And Outboards
for sale, I have contacted the vendor with and am hoping to view this weekend, what should i be looking for, is the price ok?


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Check service history, owner history, check all manuals are present for any electronics, check reciepts present,check hull condition, check batteries, seat conditions, general check all over, should be able to tell quickly if well looked after. Check trailer condition.

make sure you can have a test drive and if you like try haggle and at least get a free engine service thrown in.

Once purchased perhaps have a free RNLI sea check and they can tell you equipment you should get.

Pboat 2 training course + VHF + first aid would be useful courses to take.

Lifejacket + PLB + hand held VHF to add

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noribyet, welcome to ribnet!

Why do I get the feeling your name may not be very appropriate soon?

Yeah, Boris has covered most. It will be pretty obvious if it's been well taken care of or abused. Check the underside of the toobs at the transom - if it's been beached a lot & found rocks that's where it will show. The toob - hull join is worth a peruse too, especially at the stern where all the water deflected up tried to sepatrate the two.

Generic places to look for cracks & dings on the hull are around the transom (incl. the A- frame mounts) and round the bow eye. Hopefully someone who knows this hull better can come along and expand on that.

If it's on a trailer, listen carefully as it is launched. Any grinding noises and you'll need new bearings before you go anywhere. A sharp reverse will tell you if the brakes work OK. (A gentle reverse and they shouldn't come on) Winch is the other thing that dies with monotonous regularity, and check the winch strap before towing. It doesn't take many frayed theeads to vastly reduce the load capabilities.

Looks like a nice boat in the pic.
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Make sure it's not stolen, there is a register online for missing boats/outboards - chances are slim but even if you buyer is legit the he may have bought it from someone who wasn't.

Original paperwork is always a good sign but if it's changed hands a few time it may not be available, you can always contact Ribcraft with a serial number and they'd be able to provide something, also find out who fitted the outboard as the'y be able to provide info too.

If the RIB's been looked after the prop and skeg will be in good condition, have a look for any damage/repair there, I had a Merc engineer survey mine for piece of mind, he was also a RIB expert and had a good look over the whole boat.

You'll not get much of an idea from a sea trial if you've not owned one before so find someone with a RIB to come along with you.
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ALL Good advice! I might add...Dont hang about!
A clever Man learns by his mistakes..
A Wise Man learns by other people's!

The Road to HELL Paved with "Good inventions!"
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Definitely as Thomas says , take someone with you for a second set of eyes , they can be more critical and help raise any concerns with the owner. Good luck
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certainly not a bad make of rib to start with!!

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