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Country: UK - Wales
Town: Milford Haven
Boat name: Various
Make: Commercial
Length: 10m +
Engine: Screw / Voith / Jets
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Also, time it so there's no crowd of people watching - I always have a problem with launch and retrieval when there are lots of people watching..... it never goes according to plan for me anyway

Other than that, take it slow and careful, don't rush, and don't (I have seen this before......) let go of the boat


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Country: UK - England
Town: Whitstable
Boat name: Tango
Make: Avon and Narwhal2.4m
Length: 4m +
Engine: 60HP Yamaha
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Another top tip

Get yourself a car seat cover and a rubber floor mat for the drivers side, even if your not wet your feet will be, salty water soaking into your nice clean carpet makes a nasty mess of it and having to drive home with a wet seat means wet arse :-) been there done it !! for a few quid you can make your life 100% easier !!

Launch and recovery is honestly not as hard as it sounds, use common sense and take your time, dont be hassled or rushed by irrate fishermen or any one else trying to use the slip, its always the simplest of things that catch you out.

JK is right dont try and stay dry until you've sussed it out completely, its easier to dry out a pair of boots or wellies than fix a ding or hole in your gell coat, i launch my boat in wellies and always stay dry, i've never driven my boat onto my trailer so cant pass comment on this, but i have watched others and wondered how they manage to keep the skeg from hitting bottom or get the engine up just high enough to power up the trailer..... watched a jet skier do this last year at my local slip, he opened the thing up ten metres off the ramp, rooster tail went 10 foot in the air, the crowd roared and he shot up the trailer, the nose bounced over the front stop and went straight through the back window of his nice shinny Audi :-) nowdays i carry a camera always.


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Launching in Portmsouth

Robert - if you are launching anywhere in the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth which is basically anywhere in the Eastern Solent (including Portsmouth Harbour all the way upto Fareham and Portchester I would offer the following recommendations:

1. Do a RYA Level 2 Course before venturing off on your own - it can be very confusing out there and it will teach you all you need to know to begin with.
2. Have a VHF set (and of course a license) tuned to Channel 11 to hear what's going on.
3. Read and understand (and remember) all the local rules - can be found on my website
4. Sign upto receive Local Notice to Mariners electronically and thus stay upto date - I issue about 60 a year so there is always something to find out about before you set off. For example this week we have issued new LNTM for small vessels like yours entering and leaving the harbour.

Good luck and have fun and get in touch if you have any questions.

All the best
Tom Herman
Queens Harbour Master Portsmouth
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Country: UK - England
Town: Fareham
Length: 6m +
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Nice to have you aboard Tom.

Look forward to hearing your input now and in the future.


PS. Oh I see from your profile that your not a new member and that you first registered back in 21 November 2002.

Why the wait?

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I come and go with the flow - a bit like the tide really! Tom
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exspyrd trayd membir
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Country: Ireland
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Make: Redbay 6.5
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Originally posted by QHM
I come and go with the flow - a bit like the tide really
yepp. de lasst tyme i cum too sea yew too av a mone abowt de restrikshuns yew putt onn uss jettski boyys yew waz owt. dis mus meen dat yew cum too werk twyce a fkin daiy butt yew ownly stopp forr an hower. i ope hir majisty nos abowt dis. shee mite dokk yorr wagis. dokk yorr wagis, gerrit

luk arfter numbir wan, downt stepp inn numbir too
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Country: UK - Wales
Town: Southampton
Boat name: DynaMoHumm/ SRV/deja
Make: Avon8.4, 5.4 & 4.777
Length: 8m +
Engine: Cat3126 Yam 90 &70
MMSI: 42
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Originally posted by The Garfish
i ope hir majisty nos abowt dis. shee mite dokk yorr wagis. dokk yorr wagis, gerrit

gArfie life is to short to Harbour grudges, I guess QHM was having a quick game of Pontoon in his lunch hour

Here it comes again, I don't stand a chance
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