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Country: UK - England
Town: Keyhaven
Boat name: Orion
Make: Bombard
Length: 5m +
Engine: Outboard Honda 50HP
Join Date: May 2017
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Electric tilt

I've just been out on the boat this evening across to Yarmouth from Keyhaven and back. No real reason, just went down to check on the boat, pump out some more water and let the engine warm up - as I was there I thought, why not?

Anyway, since getting the boat I've found the engine when running at speed, won't tilt far enough up so it's always kicking up excessive spray. The boat yard say the transom is quite angled or the boat pitches down at the art more than most but in their opinion the only option is to put in transom wedges to compensate. This seems a bit like a fudge to me so I've left it.

As I was out alone this evening I thought I'd experiment. I've found that if I go up to about 1/3rd on the throttle, enough to get the boat to dig down at the back, I can still tilt the engine up as much as I like, if I do this so it's then straight in the water (engine vertical, boat angled up), I can then open up the throttle to full and there is hardly any spray getting kicked up - i.e. exactly as a properly trimmed boat should be.

By doing this I got the boat up an extra 3 knots so around 28 knots overall according to the GPS.

I've got a Honda BF50 engine, I wonder if there is any way to prevent the tilt protection mechanism as it's obviously what is causing my issue.
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