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Not being scientifically minded I did not realize how much the tubes on my Searider deflate when it gets colder-presume this is natural as they get harder as it gets warmer(choosing my words very carefully!!)
Seriously though when the boat is not being used for some time should I deflate it, and,if so, how much? Also from November to March it will be stored in a barn any advice would be gratefully accepted

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Hello Martyn,

I asked this very question to Humber shortly after purchasing my new boat from them at the end of last year. With my previous boat, I'd deflate the tubes a bit to reduce the strain on the emergency relief valves (it was an old boat), plus I also thought that it would be less strain on the baffles.....

Anyhow, Humber suggested to me that I leave the tubes fully inflated all year around, but take a small amount of air out during the summer to prevent them being over pressured.

The main reasoning for this is that when they are inflated, if something comes into contact with the tubes, it would be more likely to 'bounce off' rather than 'dig in' and do damage. I don't leave my boat in inside storage for the year, but it will stay outside again this winter since I have every intention of using it all year round.

I'd have thought that keeping them inflated also helps keep everything in the right shape long term.
Also, I reckon now that leaving tubes inflated all at the same pressures that it would be less harmful to the baffles, which then don't have to curl up or anything inside of the tubes - I haven't a clue really about this part, but in my mind it makes a bit of sense

I know that down at the local yacht club, we leave the ribs inflated all year round, and don't bother taking air out at all. Obviously during the winter, things get cooler, so they appear deflated a bit.... when we use em, we just put a bit more air in.

I don't know what anyone else thinks?


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Tube Pressure/storage

Our advice has always been to leave the tubes inflated when storing the boat, but obviously at a low pressure rather than rock hard. One reason for this is that if you leave the tubes in a fully deflated condition, (with folds of fabric) would you believe that mice and rats if around, have a liking to Hypalon fabric, and can chew away at the fabric giving you a surprise when you go to use the boat for the first time again. With the tubes inflated the little buggers can't get their teeth into the fabric

On the subject of tube pressures and temperature, it is worth noting that for every degree of change in temperature(Centigrade) the pressure in the tubes will be increased (or decreased) by 0.058psi. Whilst this does not sound very much, say you have an increase of 3 degrees C this will increase the tube pressure by 0.17psi.
Chris Hornidge
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Yep, spot on Alex. The only thing I would add is that the sun really does destroy tubes. Keep them covered when not in use, although watch the temp on a sunny day under a cover. The difference in pressure between hot scorchy day and cool evening is huge, like rock hard to very soggy. So don't pump them up in the evening. whilst I haven't seen tubes pop, they do stretch and the baffles are a week point.

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Always leave mine inflated. The tubes keep their shape, and are more impervious to things getting on them.

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aha... thanks guys - all very useful opinions

as the average temp was 28 degrees here in the summer and now its circa 14 degrees c, this would explain the deflation in the tubes

looks like i better go and pump my tubes up... they're hanging off.

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