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Country: UK - Scotland
Town: north ayrshire
Boat name: charlie girl
Make: reiver 3.8/regal3760
Length: 10m +
Engine: 40hp 2st 2x6lp 315
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Originally Posted by Orwell boy View Post
Thats exactly same as the wiring Seamark Nunn pulled out of my 5.3 trunking when they re engined ,must be R/C standard , 2004/5 vintage ?
Yeh 2003 I think, this couldn't have been far off a catastrophic fire, those top loops in the picture are the fuel hose totally degraded & the battery cables were similar can only assume fuel can leach into the trunk from fuel vent which eventually degrades everything. Had to drag the entire trunk out & split it along its length as everything had swollen into one big stinking sausage, 3 days work to remove & replace everything in the trunk to fix the boat

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Country: UK - England
Town: Brum
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Make: zodiac FR
Length: 3m +
Engine: 2 stroke 15hp
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I stand corrected on the 12mm, my experience of it is limited within the boat world. Mind you my first inflatable, a C craft, had floor boards that were around 12mm and very durable.

Hopefully this will be sorted using PM's.

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Country: UK - England
Town: southampton
Boat name: TOP CAT 2
Make: Scorpion 8.1
Length: 8m +
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No intention to take sides. Questions I’d be asking if either parties.

What was original deck thickness?
Was the ply treated with g4 or similar if using polyester?
Were things fitted to the deck well sealed?
How bad were stringers? Were they encapsulated ply and was the former still in shape?
Is the deck separated from the transom?
Was water pooling on the deck?
Was the deck left open or holes left open during rebuild?

I have done decks, transoms, stringers and more worryingly balsa core running surfaces. . I don’t like polyester over wood and use epoxy if possible, but if done correctly it does work.

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