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Cheers everyone!

Finally everything is coming together on the SIB front. The money is very nearly in the bank, I have been offered the use of a 15hp outboard until the finish of the Orkney expedition, and have been offered plenty of useful bits of kit by a lot of people off the forum.

So, time to thank you all. Having joined the forum on the 20th April last year, the day before I had my first experience of driving a RIB, another few months and I'll have been here for a year, but that time has flown by. Great forum, mostly civilised, and there's plenty of excellent people here. I can truthfully say that this is the most civilised, helpful, and interesting forum I have ever come across. This has been highlighted by the many generous offers, everything from people offering me rides out on their RIBs, to offers of safety equipment etc.

Everyone here deserves thanks, as you've all been friendly and helpful, but here are a few of the main people I need to thank.

Firstly, John. Without you, this wouldn't even be here.

Secondly we have that damn Mr Hart, for getting me interested in the world of SIBs! Can't wait to read that article of yours...

Stuart, aka THEWAVEHUMPER, for providing me with some work to raise funds for the boat fund (even if it did mean putting up with being down south for over a week!). Enjoyed myself down there, but you southerners really don't know the definition of cold. However, I have one thing not to thank you for, and that is you have caused me to want a Land Rover, so that's my next thing to work towards. However, enjoyed staying with you, the viking, and Jasper, enjoyed almost every minute of it, and had a better new year than I would have at home.

Alex, for keeping me company in the IRC channel! Though you're probably too busy out in your new Humber to be paying any attention to it anymore...

Alan Priddy, for having the courage and lack of sense to try to get around the world in a RIB! Provided some great reading during lessons in college. And also for sending me the hull plans for the SoC so that I could start working on my RC RIB project, will keep you all updated on that once I get going with it properly.

Ribald, for the kind offer of his old HH VHF, and infact anyone else who has offered me any equipment. I'll get back to you once I've got the boat and worked out what I need!

So, once again, cheers, thanks for providing some great reading here (both informative and entertaining), and I can't wait to put as many faces to the names as possible in Orkney, during the Channel Islands trip, and at as many other times throughout the year as possible. First round at the first pub in Scotland is on me folks...

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