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Country: Ireland
Town: Bandon
Make: Redbay
Length: 6m +
Engine: Suzuki 140hp
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Buying next RIB


Just sold current boat, looking to buy another. Am considering a Ribcraft 5.85 with Ficht 115hp 2 stroke. Would be interested in comments from other Ribcraft owners on the pros/cons of owning a Ribcraft, and in particular on engine choice.

TIA :-)

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Country: Ireland
Town: Dublin
Boat name: WIZARD
Make: REDBAY 7.4
Length: 7m +
Engine: OPTI 225
Join Date: Aug 2002
Posts: 417
We have 2 Evinrudes 2001, the last of the OMC ones, they are the exact same motor as the 115 execpt for different porting and power......

Plugs cost about 19Ä in Ireland and about 5$ in the US of the intrnet, You have to use ficht ram oil (34Ä for 3.7L) and you must drive the shit out of them... they dont like been run under 3000rpm

On saying all that I think they are a great motor and woud buy another one without thinking about it, our motors have never given us a days bother execpt for maintance etc, and the have about 280hrs on them now.....

AS The Rib Goes I dont know

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Country: UK - England
Town: winchester
Boat name: Pilchard
Make: Ribcraft
Engine: Merc 90 4s
Join Date: Apr 2002
Posts: 62
I shouldn't really give you any view on the r/c 585, as I have only owned mine since january, and she still has not been on the water apart from the obligatory test drive before purchase. I suggest you visit Jools' website, as he has a 2002 r/c 585 with which i believe he is very satisfied. For what it's worth, since experience this season may prove me completely wrong, here are my reasons for choosing r/c:
1.More than 500 5.85m hulls in use - many with professional users - there cannot be much wrong with them. Also, they are out there second hand in all sorts of seat / console layouts and if you are patient the right one will crop up eventually
2.Good size for family boating
3. Styling is a good compromise between UK 'utility' RIB and continental 'leisure' RIB
4. Renowned sea-keeping abilities of Deep V hull - Altho' i hope not to spend too much time frightening the kids in a F7, I want to feel that we could get home safe if we got caught out.
5. Very comfortable ride for length of boat - see comments ref hull - in various test drives there was nothing to compare for ride comfort at this length. Some while ago I spoke to a guy selling a nearly new Yam 550 rib with 50hp - when i asked why he had only been out in it twice, he was honest enough to admit that his wife couldn't tolerate the slamming in a sea-way
6. Reputation for build quality - see cost of building a RIB thread
7. Good cruising range with u/d tanks and 4 stroke engine
8. Not too heavy for 1 man and his missus launch / recovery routine

As i said, all this theory will be put to the test in the coming weeks, and i could yet end up in the same position as the chap with the Yam 550!!
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