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Buying advice please


I am considering buying a bigger RIB and Iím looking for some buying advice please. I currently have an Avon Adventure 400 which we keep in Christchurch. Weíve had good fun with it in the harbour and in Christchurch bay, as well as using it as a coach boat for dinghy sailing. We are now looking for something bigger, as we are planning to keep a sailing boat on a mooring at Keyhaven, and we like the idea of getting to Keyhaven from Christchurch where we live in a RIB rather than driving and then using a dinghy to the mooring.

We have a budget of £10k and donít really want to go more than 10 years old. There will usually be 4 of us (2 adults, 2 kids) plus a small amount of gear. We are looking for something safe and seaworthy that will be happy bashing through Hurst and across Christchurch bay.

Any suggestions/recommendations please?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Paul - welcome !

Much the same as you - run an Avon adventure from Xch for years ( and still often do!) .

My kids are bigger now so I've been looking for something to suit for same sort of usage (but without the need to get kids in it anymore)

How old are the kids ? They get bigger very fast - so if its a case of jockey or bench seats etc .

Most builders make something that will do it - however my choice has come down to Ribcraft 5.35 or 5.85 ( with 2 or 4 jockeys) or Ribeye 5m ( again side by side jockeys) . The longer the boat the more seat choices you have.

There are however so many other options out there .....I'm sure they will get suggested soon.

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Hi Paul & welcome. As you're not buying new (bespoke) & are constrained by budget & age, your buying choices will be dictated by what's on the market. It's no good us saying you want this boat with that engine & these seats, 'cos that particular combo probably won't be on the market & within your budget/age limits. The best way (imho) to approach this would be to see what's on the market, that you like the look of. Then come back & ask the opinions of the collective, & trust me , you'll get one or two As a starting point, I'd suggest a minimum of 5.5m with a minimum 90hp. That should carry a growing family & a bit of kit to where you want to go & be man enough to cope with most sea conditions you're likely to encounter.
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Paul, a Ribeye A600 with a yammie 100 engine would suit the your budget and has a good family layout (double helm jockey seats, suicide seat and bench seats).

Just make sure its got the hypalon tubes and not the PVC as I think it was an option on the older boats.

Good luck

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Decent looking Ribcraft 585 with Yam four stroke on e-bay for 10k or offers
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