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Boating weather.......

I feel very fortunate living here in North Carolina, USA, our weather is wonderful about 9 months of the year for boating. I see all the pics of you guys across the big pond , boating in full winter garb or full rain gear and I wonder how many "perfect" weather days you guys get per year, any?
You have the most beautiful scenery, castle's, light houses, etc., just beautiful scenery, but man, your weather looks like it sucks !
Me personally, I would hate to boat if I had to get all wrapped up. I don't like wearing anything more than shorts or board trunks.
So, I guess it's all a matter of personal preference, would people rather boat wrapped up in cold and wet weather with beautiful scenery or a pair of shorts with decent scenery? Believe me, we have beautiful scenery also, maybe just not as much ??? I pull my RIB and my hard boat all over, so I can change up my scenery whenever I want, but we don't have castle's, we don't have water as clear as some pics I've seen on here.....
Peace !

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Originally Posted by theteacher View Post
You have the most beautiful scenery, castle's, light houses, etc., just beautiful scenery, but man, your weather looks like it sucks!
Well, there you have it. We moan a lot about our weather, but it's actually not that bad. Wind is the great decider for boating - too windy and plans get changed. What you have overlooked is that being waaaay up here at 55 degrees North (same as Moscow and Southern Alaska, further North than Newfoundland), we're actually damn lucky to have such a benign climate. No hurricanes, no tornados, no ice storms, no winter long snow, no baking heat or drought. Our mean temperatures run from around 5C to 20C most of the year, making a sweater or a raincoat the most additional clothing we need on land - sea is different to some extent. The changeability of the day can make us "overdress" a bit - we can experience the weather from three seasons in one day - but only because they're not actually that different!
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