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Country: UK - England
Town: Coventry/Ipswich
Boat name: Dytiscus Rubra + tt
Make: Kingfisher/Avon 3.1
Length: 9m +
Engine: Inboard/Johnson 15hp
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Big hole

Hello chaps,
I have had great advise thanks about patching a small hole on my 3.1m avon rover and at 3rd attempt its air tight..... Or was !!!
Proud it was holding air and admiring my freshly painted inside deck a lovely Pacific blue I had a look at the rest of the boat.
Just one other patch which looked to have been there a long time i examined it closely i noticed it had a bulge under the middle. Put some fairy on it and it had a slight weep aaaaaah
I bit the bullet and took the patch off to find a hole with all the material there big enough to get your finger in. Could I ask for some guidance from those old hands ? I am going to patch it with a patch about 3" bigger than the hole to get enough glue cover and do it with 2 coats of glue which has worked for me earlier. But should I attempt to stitch the material ? Its a hole about the size of an old half 1p about 1/2" diameter with about 1/4" of material holding the flap there.
Any thoughts appreciated.

Thanks Colin.

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Country: Ireland
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I think you may need an internal patch for this one. There's a few descriptions of this one here, but basically you prep the inside of the tube using tools, glue and insert the patch in a rolled up form, open it inside the tube and apply pressure through the surrounding area. Once this sets, apply a large patch as per normal on the outside. Have a search on here for it.

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Country: UK - Scotland
Make: HumberOceanOffshore
Length: 8m +
Engine: Volvo KAD300/DPX
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Stick a patch over it and it'll be fine. Usual preparation properly done of course.
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Country: UK - England
Town: london
Boat name: jelly bean
Make: quicksilver 3.4
Length: 3m +
Engine: suzuki df 9.9
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good video
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Country: UK - England
Town: yorkshire
Boat name: little vicky
Make: avon ex RNLI
Length: 3m +
Engine: tohatsu
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Mushroom tyre plugs are good for this job
Try a commercial truck tyre fitting firm there's often some kicking about on the floor.
Most are about 3inch diameter and can be pushed through the existing hole and pulled back tight which gives a good seal then put a normal boat patch over .
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