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Country: USA
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Make: Avon 5.4m Searider
Length: 5m +
Engine: Yamaha 90
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Avon Sea Rider Rub Strake - ~90-92mm wide

I searched and googled.

I measured the width of each strip (each of the 5 on side of the SR5.4) and my imperial tape measure, when converted to metric, tells me I'm look for strake approx. 90.480mm-92.075mm wide. I can't find it!!!

Henshaws has 95mm width
Raised Rubbing Strake Black HEN002037 - Henshaw Inflatables Ltd (black is cheaper at 5 pounds/meter) Is 95mm close enough to 92mm? Same stuff?

Paul Tilly gave me a price of 200 pounds + 140 pounds for shipping for 50m (that was my rough guess for length needed for a SR5.4 with 5 strips on each side plus some for the bow - anyone have a better estimate?). That's >$500

Techno Marine 20200 is 3.5" @ $1.30/ft. works out to ~$213 for 50m. It's only 3.5" wide instead of the 90-92mm I measured....seems like the best choice so far. TechnoRubber Industries - Rubber Products Manufacturer

Polymarine has a flat strake at 105mm width but is expensive!
Strake for inflatable boats, dinghy and RIBs

Since there will be old glue that isn't going to look very good and probably won't totally clean off, I think that I'd rather over cover than under cover.

Anyone have any tips or direct links to the actual Avon stuff? Thanks!!!
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