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Avon rib scam?

Hi all, i saw an advert on the boats&outboards web page for an Avon searider 5.5m with Mariner 90hp 2 stroke in essex. (I know, they made a 5.4m)?
In great condition, always flushed with fresh water etc, only £1500??????
Curious to know more, thinking it it must have a blown engine or a hole in the hull I e-mailed the person.
Reply back from a 'Lorraine Shaw' was, that they had just moved to Berlin & incurred expensive removal costs?
Her husband worked for Luftansa airlines & they had to move abroad?
Shipping of the boat on trailer to my home address would be totally free!!!!

Alarm bells start to ring? Er yep!!

I asked for more pics & details about the rib & recieved some very good pics of the boat with engine running in a bucket etc.
I said I would like to inspect it with my policeman friend to ensure it was not stolen?
She replied back that if I forward the money to an account, similar to paypal, i would be guarranteed that if i didnt like the Rib for whatever reason i would be refunded???

Her story was that they had it shipped to Berlin (middle of chuffin Germany, no sea there unless they planned to plonked it on a lake or river), & decided to sell it & ship it all the way back to Blighty????? Dur!!
I replied back that I would only pay cash on inspection in Sterling or euros!

Guess what? I haven't heard back from 'Her'
Now some people may get caught by this scam, hopefully most of us have a bit more common? Shame coz nice pictures of someones boat? Have fun & be safe!

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Isnt this the one that said delivery is possible? Sure someone posted it on here the other day!

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I think they all say that Will
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Been covered a couple of times recently...
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It is such a shame that we have to put up with so many a**holes every time you try to sell something these days! I sold my Monterey sports cruiser recently and had all sorts of people contact me from far and wide, most of whom I suspected were scammers. I am in Devon, England and one numpty said he lived in Australia but wanted me to send the boat to Malta as he holidays there regularly! I was instantly suspicious for a couple of reasons.
1. Who in their right mind would holiday in Malta if they lived in Australia??? I've been to both and I'd stay in Australia for my holidays for sure!
2. Who would buy a £8,000 boat in England and pay to ship it to Malta, which is full of boats that could be bought locally.

Do these scammers think we are really so dumb or are they just naive?

In the end two of our local troops bought it and everyone was happy but you have to be wary all the time.
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The RIB that never was

She's been in touch with me too, same story as Johnscubanut but she's now moved to Madrid, mind you her husband still works for Lufthansa! It's a classic "when it's too good to be true" story! She's now calling herself Kimberley Perks (sounds like a stripper doesn't it?) so beware out there!

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