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Originally Posted by Pikey Dave View Post
Never mind, at least you can buy a decent 4x4 like a Land Rover with the insurance money Glad no-one got hurt.
Cheers Dave the seatbelt done its job, I was only dangling for a minute, found it a bit hard releasing buckle with body weight on thou, once released I kicked the screen out and hobbled out the gap lucky ahh!!
I will say the crumple zones done there job very well,

Don't get me started on landrovers, first one was 1959 series 2a, restored it myself, for towing a 23" wilson flyer, 2nd was 1988 Defender 90, no boat at the time, mainly for making trail course's and rescue, wow! what fun in the woods, never tipped once despite being at stupid angles,
I love them however the wife has no sense of adventure and does'nt like the gearbox heating noise ect with older models, and to be fair I only like the Defender and all previous back to 1945,

Back to what I started and the kite info coming in is great cheers guys, so some of you think there could be something in this kite idea, I did'nt know you could ajust them sounds great.
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