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Any legal eagles / trade experts

There are quite a few dealers , particularly who trade on ebay who buy and sell boats / ribs but they do not declare the fact and pretend to be private.

(I know one particular chap has been mentioned at length allready on this site at length.)

Whilst it is a legal requirement, I am sure we all agree, to declare yourself as selling in the course of trade as opposed to private.

Is it a legal requirement for the trade seller to offer a minimum period of warranty for example 3 months.

Or do they simply have to adhere to sale of goods act etc

Factual answers only please from those in the know. Ta

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bit of a grey one i'm afraid, the ebayers may be doing it as a "hobby", i don't think that a guarantee has to be given in either trade or private sales, the old "sold as seen" and "buyer beware" happen's on both counts. unless stated in the bill of sale i don't think it will hold water in court if something goes wrong.
i may be wrong, the police or courts won't want to know unless it was stolen, you'll be told to take out a private case against the seller, they won't care if you've got a case or not in that instance, they'll just take you money.
better to sea trial and go right over it then take your chances.
if you bid a seller down on a boat and he agree's you have almost no chance, as you've told the seller what you think it's worth, technically you have valued it

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It could be a way for a dodgy dealer to off load a boat that has problems and wont do him any favours if he had to warrant it through the business. It happens in the car trade. I would also say that the same applies when you buy brokerage, it's up to the buyer to make sure the boat is ok because there will be no warranty or come back on the broker as it is sold as seen. If in doubt get a survey done before parting with large wads of dosh.
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