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Originally Posted by Simon B View Post
Cookee, whats a hook?
It usually happens during a turn or if a bit starts bouncing around (as this video shows graphically) resulting in a loss of control - The hull enters the water after getting some air at a slight angle and with a bit of roll, ie leaning to one side slightly, it then works a bit like a snow ski does and it grips the water and follows the curve of the keel resulting in a violent turn.

It can happen in a turn if the boat is bouncing around a bit, in racing this can happen if you're following in someone else's wake or it's a bit rough - all of the above can be cured with a little less enthusiasm with the throttle!

Hope that explains it!

Originally Posted by Zippy
When a boat looks that good who needs tubes!!!
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That is scary! It's amazing no-one went unconscious into the water or that those nasty aloominum widow frames didn't slice someones head open or off. If the cockpit wasn't so plushly padded it would have been a lot worse as several heads got hit very hard off the interior.

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