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Country: UK - England
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Make: ribtech
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I have been looking for my first Rib for a while now and have kindly been taken out on several members boats from this site. I am now seriously looking at finding a Rib soon and have a budget of say 12 thousand at most. There have been a few suggestions from other members of Ribnet about suitability and the like. Having attempted and failed my first Channel crossing this week i am serious about buying my own Rib and would be grateful of any advice or tips from members herein. Pro Sport make a 6.5m Rib that is within my budget, but i have also seen several others on sites such as and There is a Tornado 6.5m with new tubes and a 175hp Mercury V6 outboard for sale with trailer within my range, does this sound like a good buy and is it a good boat? Thanks for any tips guys!

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Country: UK - England
Town: Edenbridge
Boat name: Scorpion
Make: Scorpion 8.5mtr
Length: 8m +
Engine: 315hp Yanmar Diesel
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New Boat

The Tornado boats are very good boats. The 6.5 would make a great first boat. They are well built and are also good in heavy seas. My only advice would be to get an expertto check over the engine. Sounds good to me though.


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12k is a good budget for a reasonable size second hand RIB or a cheaper smaller new one. Particularly as its coming to the end of the season when boat prices are traditionally depressed!

My thoughts are as ever with a second hand RIB focus on the engine in particular. On a second hand boat the engine is the key. Take that Tornado for example, good boat (assuming its in good condition) but if the engine is a carburretored V6 then effectively its worth no more than a couple of grand at the most. The new generation two and four strokes now really rule the roost simply because they are so much more fuel efficient. That 175hp will go great guns but will burn around 10gph+ at cruise. Believe me thats a lot of money in fuel.

So look for boat with a Ficht/Optimax/HPDI or 4 stroke engine. With 4 strokes that'll probably drive you towards a slightly smaller boat say 5.5-6m but thats a good size for a first RIB. (This is all IMHO of course.) Assume you are not in any huge hurry so take your time and look at (& hopefully test drive) a number of boats to get an idea of the market, condition of boats, etc.

Another of my particular bug bears is seating. Please, please if you want to do any serious Ribbing go for jockey seats rather than benches. Your back will thank you!

Have no knowledge of pro-sport RIBs personaly but have a suspicion that they might be similar / same design to BWM's. Not in itself a bad thing but check build quality. Sticking to one of the more well know names might be a sensible move. (Ribtec, Ribcraft, Redbay, Avon, Humber etc etc.)

As you know there is lots of advice and opinion on this forum. A trawl through previous topics should be rewarding!

Good luck and have fun,
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Boat name: Not sure
Make: ABC/Priddy
Length: 10m +
Engine: 2 x 500 FPT
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TOP TIP, Buy what you cannot afford and you will end up with what you want! Alan P
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Town: Salisbury
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Pro sport

looks an absolute cracking deal at 12k with fuel injected 2 stroke, if I were you I would investigate this product as much as possible because this sounds stunning value to me, when even the most basic of 5 metre ribs can cost 10k new.

Providing quality looks ok, I think this will be hard to beat, trailer will be an extra 1.3k

I had details mailed through and boats look stunning with excellent seating layout

Over to the experts what do you think of pro sport ?
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